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W Glazing Spring Clips Glass Greenhouse Spring Clips

Name Galvanized Sprng Steel W Glazing Spring Clips For Glass Greenhouse Fixing
Material Srping Steel , 304 Stainless Steel

Size 1.6mm*30mm*95mm
Package 50 pcs/bag  100pcs/bag

【High Quality Material】Made of high quality stainless steel are rustproof,sturdy. Ensure your greenhouse is secure. offering optimal protection against rust and guaranteeing a long service life . 【Universal Applicability】Suitable for all conventional greenhouses, twin-hall sheets, polycarbonate panels, double-wall sheets, multi-wall sheets, and glass-sheets 4-6mm thick. 【Against Bad Weather】When typhoon or rainstorm comes, you can prepare these clips in advance to strengthen your greenhouse glass panes to prevent damage. 【Preferred Replacement Accessories】They are the first choice when relocating, repairing or replacing panes or old / missing clips on most aluminium greenhouses. Give you a new greenhouse!